STANDARD LED fluorescent lamps

T8 G13

LED Standard Fluorescent Lamps

LED Standard fluorescent lamps are the successor to traditional fluorescent lamps. It is worth using them primarily for energy efficiency – the LEDs in the light fixtures consume much less electricity. This allows you to significantly reduce operating costs, especially for facilities with large areas: stores, warehouses and other such premises.

What are the distinctive features of Standard LED fluorescent lamps?

Our products are typical tube-shaped fluorescent lamps that emit strong light. Their lampshades and housings are made of glass and metal, so they are characterized by high resistance to damage. One of the most important advantages is the absence of “Flicker free”. They are suitable for use wherever traditional fluorescent lamps have been used so far.
Thanks to their wide beam angle and high luminous flux (up to 3,200 lumens), our LED T8 fluorescent lamps are perfect for large-scale buildings. They will effectively illuminate the interior of a shopping mall store, warehouse or manufacturing plant.

Which LED fluorescent lamps to choose for building lighting?

As a manufacturer of LED lighting, we can offer you exactly the fluorescent lamps you need. Individual models vary in size, so you can easily find a fixture for a smaller or larger room. You also have a say in what color of light the fluorescent tube will emit.

We offer products with LEDs that shine warm, cold or neutral light, allowing you to choose the kind of lighting you are comfortable with.

Efficient, energy-efficient lighting for large facilities? Opt for LED technology!

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