LED Meat Tubes

T8 G13

Germicidal lamps are the most effective in disinfection process. They emit UV-C radiation effective in extermination of bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses.

Simple to install and not requiring special installation. Ideal for all food industry facilities such as: dairies, cheese factories, bakeries, meat and poultry plants.

Nr katalogowy Moc [W] Barwa Jasność [lm] Napięcie wej. [V] Trzonek Ra Wymiar LxFI [mm] EAN
PR7-G13-44-M 7 różowa 610 230 G13 80 440x26 5901885267449
PR10-G13-60-M 10 różowa 880 230 G13 80 600x26 5901885267456
PR15-G13-90-M 15 różowa 1340 230 G13 80 900x26 5901885267463
PR18-G13-120-M 18 różowa 1660 230 G13 80 1200x26 5901885267470
PR25-G13-150-M 25 różowa 2520 230 G13 80 1500x26 5901885267487
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