What are Lumens [lm]?

Lumens is a unit of measure for the luminous flux.

So, the higher the lumen value, the more light a given source emits.

What are the advantages of 24V strips in relation to 12V ones?

By using the LED strips with a voltage of 24V it is possible to make installations and LED fixtures with a much greater length. Lower current consumption and lower resistance translate into longer life of LEDs used in this strip and an easier selection of components used to control and dim the LED strips.

How to protect the strip against external conditions?

In order to protect the LED strips against external conditions, we can use spray paint protection, then we get the IP54 tightness. Another solution is to use a silicone sleeve – this method consists in pulling the LED strip into a special, flexible sleeve and obtaining IP67 tightness. Another solution is to use strips pre-coated with a layer of colorless silicone – such protection gives an IP63 tightness.

What power supply to choose in terms of placement?

For indoor installations, where we plan to mount the power supply in e.g. a suspended ceiling, mesh/modular power supplies cooled by free circulation of air are recommended.

If we want the power supply to be used with a desk lamp, we opt for socket and desktop power supplies.

For outdoor installation, where we pay special attention to water resistance, we use hermetic power supplies.

How to choose a power supply for LED strip and what to pay attention to?

When selecting a power supply for LED strips, pay particular attention to the power consumption of the strip and the length of the segment that we want to connect.

How do we mount self-adhesive LED strips?

LED strips should be glued on a dry surface, previously wiped with alcohol, preferably in a profile that acts as a heat sink dissipating heat.

What are CCT LED strips?

They are a special kind of LED strips that allow adjusting to white color (they allow to set cold color and change it to warm or neutral after a while).