Frequently asked questions
What are Lumens [lm]?

Lumens is a unit of measurement of luminous flux, used to determine the performance of LED lighting. The higher the lumens value, the more light the source emits.

This means that such light is brighter and better illuminates the room.

What are the differences in the Eco, Premium, Deluxe series of LED strips?

The Economic series is the basic product in our range of LED tapes. They are characterized by

Premium series are the higher category of LED tapes in our offer. They feature a thicker PCB backing and a better selection of diodes thanks to which these products come with a longer warranty of 2 years.

Delux LED strips belong to the top category of our portfolio. They are characterized by the thickest PCB backing which ensures even current flow. Selected diodes ensure longer life of Delux tape and uniform light color. The warranty for this product is 3 years.

What are the advantages of 24V tapes over 12V?

By using 24V LED strips (such as Delux strips), you can make a much longer installation. Lower current consumption and reduced resistance translate into a longer life of the LEDs used in this LED strip. Such LED strips can also be more easily matched with components for control and dimming.

How to protect the tape from external conditions?

To protect LED strips from the weather, you can use spray paint protection. The waterproofing level is then IP54. The second solution is the use of silicone caulk – with this method of pulling the LED tape into a special flexible caulk, IP67 tightness is achieved. Such LED lighting can also be installed outside the building.

Another solution is tapes factory-coated with a layer of clear silicone – such protection gives IP63 tightness.

Which power supply to choose because of its location ?

If the LED power supply is to be mounted indoors, such as in a suspended ceiling, it is best to choose a mesh/modular product cooled by free air circulation.

You can use a socket or desktop type LED power supply for the desk lamp.

For outdoor installations, water resistance is of particular importance. In such conditions, hermetic power supplies will work well.

We recommend adding a 15% provision to the power of the entire section of LED tape.

How to choose a power supply for LED tape and what to pay attention to when choosing one?

When selecting an LED power supply, special attention should be paid to the power consumption of the LED strip, as well as the length of the section to be connected to the power supply.

How do we install self-adhesive LED strips?

Stick the LED strips on a dry substrate, previously wiped with alcohol. It is best to use the LED profile for mounting, which acts as a heat sink to dissipate the temperature. This will prevent the installation from overheating.

What are CCT LED strips?

This is a special type of LED strips, in which it is possible to adjust the temperature of the white color (they allow you to set the color cold at any time, to change it to warm or neutral after a while).