MAGA LED luminaires

Innovative industrial lighting
Hermetic luminaire designed for lighting warehouses, production halls, garages and underground parking lots.

PROFFESA LED luminaires

Well done
LED linear luminaire, ideal for lighting offices, hotels and commercial spaces.

AMONA LED luminaires

Growers praise
One of the few LED fluorescent lamps on the market suitable for use in harsh conditions of livestock facilities such as barns, poultry houses and stables.

Delux LED strips

long list of advantages
Polish product, features an efficient diode, 5-year warranty and thick backing. The proper arrangement of the LEDs allows for a perfect line of light with no visible points of light.

LED power supplies

Above all, your LED light sources need constant, safe access to electricity. This will provide them with an LED power supply adapted to the type of installation. In addition to easy-to-use outlet power supplies, we also offer power supplies for lighting systems, also with a high level of sealing.
MAGA fixtures PROFFESA luminaire AMONA luminaires Delux LED strips LED power supplies

LED luminaires and strips

We are a Polish manufacturer and reliable provider of solutions for architects, furniture, yacht, automotive, aquarium, advertising agencies and electrical wholesalers.
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The knowledge and experience of our consultants allow you to match the equipment to the project you are implementing. Dimensioning, cutting, installation....
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Not only the energy that comes from using LED technology, but also, thanks to on-site production, the time and money needed to fulfill orders.
The manufacturing process and the technology used for our LED tapes and fixtures is a response to the specific needs of entrepreneurs. This is how the world is changing!
The market is full of opportunities
and tempting opportunities. BE AWARE.
It's a waste of time for late deliveries and complaints. Choose a reliable partner that understands your customers' needs well. With us, you do not have to wait for shipments - we produce lighting in Poland and ship from our own warehouse.
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We are a Polish manufacturer and importer of LED lighting with a wide range of applications in both industrial and domestic settings.

We carry out wholesale and retail sales in a stationary store and on an online platform.

We carry out wholesale and retail sales in a stationary store and on an online platform.

PRESCOT limited liability company based in Giżycko informs:

PRESCOT spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, headquartered in Giżycko, informs that PRESCOT LED IP-15-12 hermetic power supply, lot designation: 2021-10 PM1121, EAN code 5902596558673 does not meet the requirements specified in the Decree of the Minister of Development and Finance dated December 21, 2016. on the essential requirements for restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, due to the finding of lead in the product in an amount exceeding the permissible value of weight concentration, which poses a threat to human health and the environment. The announcement is published in connection with the proceedings before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.
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What are CCT LED strips?

This is a special type of LED strips, in which it is possible to adjust the temperature of the white color (they allow you to set the color cold at any time, to change it to warm or neutral after a while).

How do we install self-adhesive LED strips?

Stick the LED strips on a dry substrate, previously wiped with alcohol. It is best to use the LED profile for mounting, which acts as a heat sink to dissipate the temperature. This will prevent the installation from overheating.

How to choose a power supply for LED tape and what to pay attention to when choosing one?

When selecting an LED power supply, special attention should be paid to the power consumption of the LED strip, as well as the length of the section to be connected to the power supply.

Which power supply to choose because of its location ?

If the LED power supply is to be mounted indoors, such as in a suspended ceiling, it is best to choose a mesh/modular product cooled by free air circulation.

You can use a socket or desktop type LED power supply for the desk lamp.

For outdoor installations, water resistance is of particular importance. In such conditions, hermetic power supplies will work well.

We recommend adding a 15% provision to the power of the entire section of LED tape.