LED luminaires MAGA +


Effective and economical lighting for industrial facilities? Choose hermetic LED luminaires Maga +

Maga LED hermetic luminaires are a light source that we have developed for use in harsh environments. The degree of protection above IP65 allows them to be used in most industrial or public facilities.

Where can LED Maga + fixtures be used?

Maga LED luminaires are designed for lighting warehouses, production halls, garages and underground parking lots. They will perform well wherever luminaires with a lower IP protection level would be exposed to the penetration of moisture or small solids.

The high tightness of the luminaire allows it to be used in facilities with high humidity, varying temperatures and dust.

What is the evidence of the high quality of Maga + LED luminaires?

Maga + is an effective light source – its brightness is 9500 lumens. This makes them suitable for lighting large, high spaces, such as production halls. The lamps are offered in several versions, differing in light color temperature. Light fixtures with warm colors provide comfort for the eyes. The cold color helps to expose details, making it ideal for production facilities.

The advantage of the Maga + LED hermetic lamps is also that they can be connected in series, which makes installation much easier.

All LED lamps available in our offer are made in Poland, in our Firim. This is a guarantee not only of quality, but also of quick delivery.

Lamps ideal for demanding conditions? Choose Maga + LED hermetic luminaires!

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