LED BOAT luminaires


LED Boat hermetic luminaire

LED Boat airtight luminaire can handle any conditions, including extreme ones. It’s a light that you can use without fear in areas exposed to constant contact with water. Such a light source will ensure your safety and comfort on board your boat, yacht or motorboat.


Where will LED Boat fixtures work well?

We have developed the airtight luminaires we manufacture for use on boats, powerboats and sailing yachts. This use of Boat hermetic lamps is determined by their parameters. With an IP65 level of waterproofing, the light fixtures are sealed and resistant to moisture, even when exposed to it for long periods of time.


LED Boat lamps also provide a warm or neutral light that is pleasant to the eye. With its dimming capability, you will create the kind of atmosphere on your yacht or boat that suits the mood of the moment.


Modern design on your deck

LED Boat hermetic luminaires are not only an effective and reliable source of light. It’s also an accessory that will bring some modern design to your boat, yacht or powerboat. You can choose the Boat lamp in several versions, differing in shape. This way you can match it to the style of your floating object. The compact size of the LED Boat hermetic lamps makes them fit easily where little space has been provided for lighting.


Do you want to ensure the best cruise experience? Choose from a variety of LED Boat models and enjoy strong, bright light!

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