Aluminum LED Profiles

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LED aluminum profiles

The use of aluminum profiles as a cover for LED strips allows to increase the aesthetic value of the lighting system. Thanks to the profiles, you will hide tapes and wires, as well as provide a soft, slightly diffused, non-glare light for the household members. Profiles made of aluminum are also a great way to protect your LED lighting from overheating.

Why use LED profiles made of aluminum?

Aluminum is a material valued for its high strength and resistance to harmful agents, such as corrosion. This is one of the reasons why we use it in our LED profiles. However, aluminum has another function – because it effectively absorbs excess heat from the installation, it protects LED strips, drivers and power supplies from overheating. This allows your LED lighting to work for a long time without any interference.

A wide selection of LED aluminum profiles

Our range of LED profiles made of aluminum includes a total of dozens of models. Their application and properties are the same in each case, but the individual profiles differ from each other in terms of visual appearance.
We offer LED strips in white, anodized aluminum and black. You can also choose from different types of covers – milky, transparent, or even black. This allows you to achieve the desired effect – strong light emitted in front of LEDs or soft, diffused light through milky or dark glass.

Are you looking for the highest quality? Opt for aluminum LED profiles!

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