The company's dynamic growth and its openness to new challenges make,
That Prescot LED is a great place for career development.

We are looking for individuals to join our team:
Able to work as a team.

Current offers


What do we expect ?

sales experience
Skills in building and maintaining customer relationships
handle multiple tasks simultaneously
Good organization and ability to prioritize as needed
proactive selling
the ability to share knowledge with others
knowledge of computers and Microsoft Office
driving license cat. B


acquisition of new customers
servicing current customers
negotiate terms of cooperation
creation of commercial offers
implementing sales plans
maintaining good customer relations
Active marketing activities to support sales

We offer

employment contract
Very attractive commission based on sales performance
no upper limit on earnings
Take up a challenging job that will ensure the development of your qualifications and skills.
We are a manufacturer and importer of LED lighting
We create quality in our work, approaching it with enthusiasm and commitment.
We constantly care about education and are eager to support our Employees, who acquire new skills while supporting the company in various aspects of its operations.
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What are CCT LED strips?

This is a special type of LED strips, in which it is possible to adjust the temperature of the white color (they allow you to set the color cold at any time, to change it to warm or neutral after a while).

How to choose a power supply for LED tape and what to pay attention to when choosing one?

When selecting an LED power supply, special attention should be paid to the power consumption of the LED strip, as well as the length of the section to be connected to the power supply.

Which power supply to choose because of its location ?

If the LED power supply is to be mounted indoors, such as in a suspended ceiling, it is best to choose a mesh/modular product cooled by free air circulation.

You can use a socket or desktop type LED power supply for the desk lamp.

For outdoor installations, water resistance is of particular importance. In such conditions, hermetic power supplies will work well.

We recommend adding a 15% provision to the power of the entire section of LED tape.

How do we install self-adhesive LED strips?

Stick the LED strips on a dry substrate, previously wiped with alcohol. It is best to use the LED profile for mounting, which acts as a heat sink to dissipate the temperature. This will prevent the installation from overheating.